FG Property Investments is a Detroit-based black owned, women owned business focused on the revitalization of the city’s neighborhoods and communities through real estate investing. Our team consists of Amber Nicole, Briana Johnson-Baldwin, TaErica Hayes, Sade Hayes, and Amber Jones. Our goal is to buy rehab and rent or flip underdeveloped  homes in developing neighborhoods in Detroit.

We were fed up with seeing our city of Detroit in ruins due to the amount of abandoned homes that has plagued our neighborhoods and communities. We all came together to discuss our frustrations and decided it was up to us to initiate the change we wanted to see in our community.

We all grew up in the city of Detroit and have seen the neighborhoods we grew up in be left abandoned with vacant homes and increased crime rates while downtown Detroit flourishes and prospers. Our goal is to impact these communities by bringing them back to life and giving back to the streets that we were raised on and many other residents in the city all while we accumulate generational wealth for our own families and financial freedom through home and property ownership.

We are on a mission to transform 1,000 abandoned homes in the City of Detroit by the year 2030!



We turn abandoned homes

into dream homes .